Taking a Short Break

Taking a Short BreakIt’s always good to know when to take a break.  Over the last week or so, several factors have come together to let me know that this is the time.


Last week my computer died.  One morning it was working fine.  The next time I went to turn it on, it simply wouldn’t start.  It suffered from a major hardware failure, and was completely done.


After a bunch of over-the-phone trouble shooting (which, thankfully, my Sweetie handled – he’s much more patient with and knowledgeable about technological mishaps than I am), my computer is back in the hands of its manufacturer, being repaired or replaced.


Our backup laptop (the computer we bought my regular computer to replace because it was having so many difficulties) gets mad and freezes any time we enable the anti-virus software.  This is fine if you’re only writing for yourself.  However, it makes it rather-unusable for updating a blog or any other online work.


Add to this the fact that we’re preparing to head out of town for two weeks on our last road trip of the summer.  Trying to maintain work on my blog right now feels more like a formidable challenge than a joy, so I’m going to step away until we return from our trip.  It’s time to take a break.


By the time we get home, I should have a working computer again.  I should feel renewed and refreshed after laying aside this work for a couple of weeks.  And I’ll be ready to write.


Until then, please know that I’ll miss interacting with you, and look forward to reconnecting again soon.


I hope you’re all enjoying what remains of summer.  And if you want or need a break, I hope that you find a way to take one too.



Do you ever feel compelled to step away from something for a while?  Even if it’s something you enjoy?

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