Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Brazil Nut Milkshake

Chocolate Brazil Nut Milkshake Recipe (Vegan, Raw, Paleo, GAPS)
Is there anything cuter than a little kid with a Chocolate Milkshake mustache?

Today as I was writing I suddenly had a huge craving for chocolate. I didn’t have anything chocolate made or ready-to-eat, so I pulled ingredients out of my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and tossed them all into the blender. What came out not only fulfilled my chocolate craving, it tasted really fantastic and was very easy to make.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Pops

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice PopsApparently we haven’t been making enough smoothies lately, because when my 2-year-old asked for an ice pop today, we were completely out. So I pulled out my blender and made a special smoothie batch specifically to use for ice pop making.


I’d love to say I filled all of our ice pop molds with this chocolaty, peanut buttery goodness, but all four of us drank some of it in smoothie form too (and it was fantastic!).… Continue reading

3-Ingredient Maple Chai Ice Cream

3-Ingredient Maple Chai Ice CreamFor most of the summer, the local dairy where we get our raw, grass-fed milk has not had cream. However, the other day when we went to pick up our milkshare, there were a couple of jars of cream sitting in the refrigerator. To say we were delighted at the prospect of making ice cream with real cream is a bit of an understatement.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chai Banana Milkshake

Fruit-Sweetened Chai Banana MilkshakeToday it was milkshake time again. My boys and I spent hours out and about on a hot day running errands, and then we came home and spent some time working in our garden. Later that afternoon when my 6-year-old suggested making a milkshake, it sounded like the perfect way to cool us down after our busy, hot day.


I love chai spices, so I decided to try making a Fruit-Sweetened, Chai-Spiced Milkshake.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Fresh Peach Ice Cream

Fruit-Sweetened Fresh Peach Ice Cream RecipeWith local peaches in season here in Colorado, we’ve been enjoying an abundance of them. While we’ve been eating most of them in their wonderful, pure fresh peach form, today I decided to give Fresh Peach Ice Cream a try.


I wanted the peaches to shine, so I only added two other ingredients to the mix. I was about to grab some ground cinnamon, when on a whim I decided to use the apple pie spice we had received as a gift instead.… Continue reading

Green Lemonade Slushie

Green Lemonade SlushieThe other day, I took my boys to the County Fair. While we were there, especially as the day got warmer, we saw lots of people drinking slushies. My boys were fascinated by these bright-colored beverages.  I didn’t want to buy a fair slushie drink. The day-glow colors told me that they were full of artificial colors, and they were likely loaded with corn syrup too (which would make my little guys break out in a serious rash).… Continue reading

Meal-in-a-Glass Smoothie

Meal-in-a-Glass Smoothie RecipeWhat do you do when it’s so hot outside that you child declares he’ll only eat a smoothie for lunch? Make sure that smoothie is a nutritious meal in and of itself. To make this smoothie, I combined lots of greens – kale, spinach, and spirulina powder, generous amounts of healthy fats and protein – coconut and cashew butters, frozen bananas to give it some sweetness and to make it nice and cold, as well as some cacao powder to make it all taste yummy (in addition to cacao’s wonderful nutritional benefits)..… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake RecipeThe other day, a friend sent me a picture of a milkshake, reminiscing about all of the milkshakes we drank in college (yeah, they were pretty much a food group in our apartment). So when my boys were looking for a treat on a hot summer afternoon, I decided to make us some milkshakes of our own.

I wanted to make something healthier than the sugar-filled milkshakes that powered me through late nights of studying during my undergrad years, so instead of using ice cream as the cold part of this recipe, I used frozen bananas.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Tropical Temptation Ice Cream

Fruit-Sweetened Tropical Temptation Ice CreamAnother hot summer afternoon led us to again pull out our ice cream maker. This time, I wanted something fruity and tropical. So we pulled out a bunch of tropical, as well as some not-so-tropical, ingredients and whipped up this batch of cold, fruit-sweetened deliciousness. My 2-year-old asked for “More Yummy” when his ice cream was gone. That pretty much sums it up.… Continue reading