Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine Care

Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine CareFeminine Hygiene is something that’s rarely discussed in public places. And if this conversation makes you uncomfortable, you can always click away and come back tomorrow. But I encourage you, especially if you are a pre-menopausal woman, to stay and read on.

Every month our bodies create an amazing nest, hoping that a fertilized egg will implant on our uterine walls and grow into a baby.… Continue reading

34 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

34 Ways to Reduce Food Waste
Leftovers from last night’s Thai Chicken Curry dinner will make great easy lunches throughout the week.

The other week, I posted about the huge amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis in the United States: almost 40% of our food supply is wasted. While you may not have direct control over what happens on a large farm or within food processing facilities, you can control what happens in your kitchen.… Continue reading

On-the-Go Food Containers for Kids

On-the-Go Food Containers for KidsWe frequently take food on the go. Whether we are eating a picnic in the park (or in our own yard), bringing food for a trip in the car, or simply sending a snack with my 6-year-old as he attends his weekly art class, we bring food with us almost every time we leave the house.

I used to use glass containers for packing almost all of this food.… Continue reading

Water on the Go with a Reusable Water Bottle

Water on the Go

With warmer weather approaching, this typically means more time outside. It also means more time sweating, and more times when you’re likely to feel thirsty while you’re out and about. We carry our water bottles with us year round, wherever we go. But this becomes especially important in the summer time.

Why should you carry a reusable water bottle too?

  1. It reduces waste
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The Problem of Food Waste

The Problem of Food Waste
My child ate half a bell pepper; what will I do with the rest?

Food waste is a problem. A huge problem. It may not seem like much when we toss out some leftovers, whether at home or from a restaurant, or when we throw out produce that we didn’t eat before it started to go bad, but it all adds up.… Continue reading

Public Water Bottle Filling Station

Public Water Bottle Filling StationOur local Natural History Museum has a water bottle filling station connected to its drinking fountain. Every time we walk past it, it makes me smile. We head to the museum about once a month, and each time we look to see how much the number of refills has increased. It now stands at over 15,793.

It can be challenging to fill a reusable water bottle from a typical drinking fountain; this spigot makes it easy.… Continue reading

40 Ways to Reduce Plastic Exposure

40 Ways to Reduce Plastic ExposureWhile plastics are pervasive and convenient, they come with a heavy toxic load. (You can find more information on the Hazards of Plastics HERE).

Some plastic exposure is beyond our immediate control. This type of exposure occurs when toxins from plastics are released during the production process and end up in our air, land, and waterways.

However, we also encounter plastics that we have more of a choice about: those used to package and store food, drinks, and medications, as well as the products we choose to keep and use within our homes.… Continue reading