Hosting a Sustainable Gathering: How to Throw a Zero-Waste Party

Hosting a Sustainable Gathering: How to Throw a Zero-Waste PartyThis is the time of year when many people host an array of holiday gatherings for family, friends, and colleagues.  It can be a lot of fun, but it can also result in a lot of waste.


Not only is there paper waste from gift wrapping that gets immediately discarded (you can find more sustainable package decorating suggestions HERE), but people frequently use disposable goods in order to lessen the work involved with hosting a party.  … Continue reading

A Cool Way to Save Water

A Cool Way to Save WaterWe are one of the few families I know who don’t have an in-door water and ice dispenser in our refrigerator.  (This is by choice, those models tend to be much less energy efficient than their solid door counterparts.)  This means that cold water is not a given at our house, nor is it instantaneous.


If your refrigerator is similar to ours, than this tip is for you. … Continue reading

Go Green: Make Zero Waste Drinks at Home

Go Green, Make Zero Waste Drinks at Home
My Sweetie’s favorite stainless-steel travel mug.

Each week I take my boys to story time at our local library. And every week at story time, I see lots of caregivers drinking their beverage of choice in a disposable cup from a local coffee shop.


Not only is this very expensive, but it’s also tough on the environment. I don’t know the exact price of a to-go coffee at a coffee shop as I haven’t been in one for years, but I’m certain it’s more than I spend at home for my organic, fair-trade beverage of choice.… Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping
These three pictures, painted by my boys, will make lovely gift wrap.

The Winter holidays are upon us. In addition to the multitude of gifts that people exchange during this time of year, there is generally an enormous amount of gift wrap and trimmings to go along with them. Unfortunately, much of this gift wrap simply ends up in a landfill after the recipient opens the gift.… Continue reading

Simplify Saturday: Cancel Unwanted Magazine Subscriptions

Simplify Saturday: Cancel Unwanted Magazine SubscriptionsThe other day I realized that I get several magazines that I don’t read. They’re interesting magazines, just not interesting enough for me to make it a priority to read them right now. All of these magazine subscriptions came for free so my airline frequent flyer miles wouldn’t expire (isn’t it crazy that you have to order something to keep an account current?).… Continue reading

Why We Cloth Diaper

Why We Cloth Diaper
An inside and outside view of two of our pocket diapers, plus four reusable cloth wipes.

As my toddler begins expressing an interest in using the toilet (Admittedly, this is mostly an interest in wearing underwear; unless it’s in the middle of the night, than he wants to get up and use the toilet), I find myself reflecting on our diapering experiences.… Continue reading

Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine Care

Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine CareFeminine Hygiene is something that’s rarely discussed in public places. And if this conversation makes you uncomfortable, you can always click away and come back tomorrow. But I encourage you, especially if you are a pre-menopausal woman, to stay and read on.

Every month our bodies create an amazing nest, hoping that a fertilized egg will implant on our uterine walls and grow into a baby.… Continue reading