Simplify Saturday: Leave Early

Simplify Saturday, Leave EarlyWhen you’re running late or barely on time, every little hiccup feels stressful. The fact that your child wants you to help him with his shoes, the need to run back upstairs to grab your reusable shopping bags, or having to slow down on the road due to road construction or a biker taking his time riding down the hill can all feel frustrating.… Continue reading

Simplify Saturday: Don’t Shop Unless you Need Something

The odometer of our 1992 Corolla, which recently passed 250k miles.
The odometer of our 1992 Corolla, which recently passed 250k miles.

Some people shop recreationally. In fact, a lot of people shop recreationally. In all honesty, I was raised in a family of recreational window shoppers. While my family rarely had money to spend on extras, one of my mom’s favorite past times was (is!) window shopping.


However, I quickly left that by the wayside once I ventured out on my own.… Continue reading

You Know You’ve Given Away a Lot of Stuff When….

You Know You've Given Away a lot of Stuff When
My 2-year-old with his new shovel.

It’s no secret that I’ve been slowly working to simplify my life. Whether it’s decluttering my home, my schedule, or my mind, I’ve been seeking out ways to get rid of the superfluous so that I can focus on what’s truly meaningful and important to me.


While I’ve had a lot of discussions with my 6-year-old about our simplification efforts, and included him in a lot of our decluttering – especially when his possessions, art, or other items he’s concerned about are involved, I haven’t overtly directly discussed most of this with my 2-year-old.… Continue reading