A Cat made of Love

Like all siblings, my boys sometimes squabble.  They pick and poke at each other.  They tease each other.  They argue.  But underlying all of those things, is a deep and abiding love.  And every once in a while, I get a glimpse of that love in a way that makes my heart burst with joy.


For instance, a couple weeks ago my 4-year-old was feeling scared at night. … Continue reading

The Pen is Mightier

The Pen is Mightier
My younger son’s note to his big brother.

While my boys generally get along well, like all siblings they sometimes squabble with each other.  The other day when we were cleaning up my [then] three-year-old’s room to prepare for his birthday party, I found the above message on his shelf.  It was clear he had taken the time to write something, but I wasn’t aware that he could spell (let alone write!) words other than his name, and so I wasn’t certain what – if anything – he was trying to communicate. … Continue reading

The Battle of the Red Balloon

The Battle of the Red BalloonThe trouble started on Saturday night.  My 2-year-old suddenly decided he would not share.  And it got loud.


Two weeks ago a dear friend gave each of my boys a container full of water balloons.  My 7-year-old received green and orange balloons.  My 2-year-old received red and blue balloons.  Each of them was delighted.


The boys decided to share their balloons, using first one container and then the other, so that they wouldn’t accidentally get too many of the unused balloons wet (which can quickly result in a moldy mess). … Continue reading

A Children’s Book about Home Birth

A Children's Book about Home BirthThe other day, my boys were digging through one of our bookshelves, and pulled out a stack of books that we haven’t read in a long time. We have hundreds of children’s books, so while we read every day, it isn’t too difficult to find some books that have sat unread for a period.

One of the books they pulled out was Jenni Overend’s Hello Baby.… Continue reading