Healthy Chocolate Nut Fudge Bars

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Bars RecipeI try to keep a supply of easy to grab healthy snacks in our refrigerator. We all, adults and kids included, do better when there’s something we like to eat that we can grab quickly when we need a snack. This week, I decided to make a chocolate variation on the Carob Fudge we often make. This version has a distinct dark chocolate flavor, but still contains a healthy assortment of raw nuts and seeds.… Continue reading

Simple, No-Bake Sesame Snack Bars

Simple, No-Bake Sesame Snack Bars

My husband works from home, and is frequently looking for a quick, healthy, snack that he can grab and bring back out to his office. He wanted something that tastes great. I wanted something that’s healthy, nourishing, and without too many sugars – natural or otherwise. These simple bars accomplish both goals. With their light sesame taste, they reminded me of a lightly sweetened, less-intense version of halva.… Continue reading

My Favorite Way to Make Kale Chips

My Favorite way to make Kale ChipsI’m always on the search for healthy snacks that my family will be excited about eating. Kale chips definitely fit that bill. We used to roast kale chips in the oven, but after some experimentation, I discovered that we like them even better if I prepare them in our dehydrator. Using a dehydrator has the added benefit of completely drying out the chips, making them super crispy and allowing them to store well, without burning any of them, a balance I always found difficult to achieve in the oven.… Continue reading