The Easiest Way to Roast a Pumpkin (or any other Winter Squash)

The Easiest Way to Roast a PumpkinFresh roasted pumpkin is wonderfully delicious. Taste wise, it’s a big step up from canned pumpkin, like the difference between almost anything fresh and canned. But tackling a big whole pumpkin can feel intimidating, even if my normal method of roasting a pumpkin (or any type of winter squash) is pretty simple.


This method of roasting a pumpkin is easier than my normal way.… Continue reading

When Nature Comes Inside: How to Remove a Bird from your House

How to Remove a Bird from your House
The little bird who came to visit, sitting on our hallway carpet.

We live in the mountains, and we routinely see wildlife outside of our house. However, the other day while I was reading to my 6-year-old, my 2-year-old announced, “Mama, Bird in house.” That got my attention.


Now, I would like to say this was the first time a bird has come into our house, but it’s not (though it is the first time at this house).… Continue reading

How to Make your Own Pumpkin Puree

How to Make your Own Pumpkin Puree
I was on my 4th batch of pumpkin puree of the evening before I remembered to take a picture, so my food processor definitely shows some pumpkin accumulation. 🙂

It’s fall, and delicious looking pumpkin recipes are popping up everywhere. They’ll soon be appearing here too. We all love pumpkin.


Most of these recipes call for canned pumpkin puree. Did you know that while a can is convenient, preparing your own pumpkin puree is actually quite simple?… Continue reading

How to Roast a Winter Squash

How to Roast a Squash 4With the coming of October, fresh seasonal Winter Squash are available in most markets. We love winter squash, especially pumpkin, though we also eat a good amount of acorn, spaghetti, butternut, kabocha, and all sorts of other squashes.


Fresh whole squash may look a bit intimidating, but they are remarkably easy to prepare.


To start, wash your squash in order to remove any dirt that may still be on its surface.… Continue reading

How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze BananasI always keep bananas in my freezer. They’re great for sweeteners for smoothies or ice cream, not to mention they add a lot of creaminess to a recipe. This is also a handy way to store them for baked goods.


So we buy bananas when they’re on sale, and freeze them as they ripen. This is also a really good way to save bananas that are on the verge of getting overripe if you don’t have a need for them immediately; it’s a simple way to avoid food waste.… Continue reading

How to Make a Piñata

My 5-year-old is turning 6 this next week, and one of his requests was for a birthday piñata. I have never been a huge fan of whacking apart animal-shaped things; even as I child, I found this extremely disturbing. So, we decided to make a piñata of our own.

How to Make a Pinata

The process is actually rather simple, though it does take an investment of time.… Continue reading