Edible Fresh Fruit Flag

Last year’s Edible Fresh Fruit Flag, cut and assembled by my [then] 7-year-old.

In case you’re looking for a last-minute, healthy, patriotic dessert idea, it’s hard to go wrong with an edible fresh fruit flag.  It’s essentially a disassembled fruit salad.  It tastes delicious, looks great, and is very easy to make.


We began the tradition of making an Edible Fresh Fruit Flag as part of our July 4th celebration two years ago. … Continue reading

Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017!


I came across this New Year’s blessing from Neil Gaiman many years ago.  I’ve always liked it.  A year filled with magic, dreaming, good madness, fine books, kisses, personal passion, and a surprise sounds wonderful.


I add to this, may your year be full of love and kindness, to yourself, to those around you, and to all living beings.… Continue reading

Hosting a Sustainable Gathering: How to Throw a Zero-Waste Party

Hosting a Sustainable Gathering: How to Throw a Zero-Waste PartyThis is the time of year when many people host an array of holiday gatherings for family, friends, and colleagues.  It can be a lot of fun, but it can also result in a lot of waste.


Not only is there paper waste from gift wrapping that gets immediately discarded (you can find more sustainable package decorating suggestions HERE), but people frequently use disposable goods in order to lessen the work involved with hosting a party.  … Continue reading

Thought for the Day: Nelson Mandela

Thought for the Day: Nelson Mandela


On this day, when we celebrate our country’s declaration of freedom from British rule, may we be thankful for our own freedom as well as be willing to defend the freedom of others.


Freedom of speech.  Freedom to disagree.  Freedom of expression.  Freedom to object.  Freedom of thought.  Freedom of the press.  Freedom to love.  Freedom from corporate rule. … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Love


May we all take a moment to celebrate and thank the mothers and mother figures in our lives.  Their love and support provides a foundation, springboard, and a protection that infuses and underlies our entire existence.  Happy Mother’s Day!


“Love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark… [T]o have been loved so deeply…will give us some protection forever.” —J.K.Continue reading

Spring Egg Fun

Spring Egg Fun
2 dozen brightly-colored eggs, ready for hiding.

Yesterday my boys decorated two dozen Spring Eggs so they would be ready for today’s scavenger hunt. (We use THIS simple recipe for Homemade Egg Dye).


Today I’ll hide the eggs, and the boys will follow their set of clues until they have found them all. We find this is a great way to keep things fun while also making it so the older one doesn’t wind up with most of the eggs.… Continue reading

Learning about Sweden by Celebrating St. Lucia Day

Learning about Sweden by Celebrating St. Lucia DayCelebrating holidays from around the world is a fun and exciting way to learn about the various cultures, traditions, and special foods of the wide array people with whom we share our earth. It’s a painless way to introduce geography, and it makes multiculturalism pleasurable. Who doesn’t enjoy having another reason to celebrate? And if it involves delicious foods – and most celebrations do – that makes it even better.… Continue reading

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free St. Lucia Buns

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free St. Lucia BunsMy 6-year-old planned an entire St. Lucia Day Celebration for us. The only thing I had to do was to come up with and help bake a recipe for St. Lucia buns. Coming up with a recipe we could actually eat ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be, as none of the recipes I found online were quite right for one reason or another – they either had grains or dairy or guar gum or other things we try to avoid.… Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping
These three pictures, painted by my boys, will make lovely gift wrap.

The Winter holidays are upon us. In addition to the multitude of gifts that people exchange during this time of year, there is generally an enormous amount of gift wrap and trimmings to go along with them. Unfortunately, much of this gift wrap simply ends up in a landfill after the recipient opens the gift.… Continue reading

Crafting Bugs from Natural Materials

Crafting Bugs with Natural MaterialsNatural, found objects can make amazing art supplies. Not only is it fun for children to explore outside and find these objects, but being able to turn them into a work of art brings another level of perspective to the task.


When kids are looking at items with an eye for using the materials in an art project, it helps to develop careful observation skills by encouraging them to look closely at things and to picture them in an entirely different context.… Continue reading