Family Game Night: Ticket to Ride

My 8-year-old received a Ticket to Ride board game over the holidays.  He loves it so much, we’ve played it almost daily since he received it.  Some days we’ve even played it more than once.


The game looks complicated at first.  It gives you several different things to think about and manage as you play. But once you’ve played through a game and see how it all comes together, it’s fairly straightforward.… Continue reading

Family Game Night: Mole Rats in Space Cooperative Game

We like to play games in our family.  Board games, card games, outdoor games; we’ll play them all.  And now that my four-year-old is ready to join in the fun, it’s enabled us to take our games a step beyond Slips and Ladders and Candy Land.


Cooperative games have been a big hit in our house because, instead of competing with each other, we all work together to win or lose the game. … Continue reading

Family Game Night: Uno Card Game

I love to play games.  Board games.  Card games.  Strategy games.  Word games.  Puzzle-solving games.  Any of them.  And my boys seem to have inherited that same love.


Over the years my 8-year-old has been a fan of a huge number of games, each for their own period of time.  My 4-year-old is just beginning to enjoy game playing with games that aren’t cooperative, meaning everyone works together (Cauldron Quest and Wildcraft are two cooperative games that we enjoy; I’ll review them another time.).… Continue reading

Get Moving: Play Hopscotch

Get Moving: Play HopscotchThis afternoon my 6-year-old wanted to play hopscotch. So we all headed outside and proceeded to draw a hopscotch course on our patio. Once it was complete, my two boys and I all took turns hopping back and forth up and down the course. We did the course with one foot, with two feet, with all left foot jumps, with all right foot jumps, and even tried jumping through it backwards (though it was hard to avoid the lines that way).… Continue reading