Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Coconut Ice CreamIt’s summertime, and this week it’s very hot.  In our house, this means it’s time to make ice cream.


We haven’t made a lot of ice cream so far this summer.  I’ve still been mostly sugar free and we just returned from our second big road trip of the summer, so we’ve been gone quite a bit.  But this week’s heat wave along with my boys’ sweet requests combined to put me in an ice-cream-making mood.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Brazil Nut Milkshake

Chocolate Brazil Nut Milkshake Recipe (Vegan, Raw, Paleo, GAPS)
Is there anything cuter than a little kid with a Chocolate Milkshake mustache?

Today as I was writing I suddenly had a huge craving for chocolate. I didn’t have anything chocolate made or ready-to-eat, so I pulled ingredients out of my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and tossed them all into the blender. What came out not only fulfilled my chocolate craving, it tasted really fantastic and was very easy to make.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chai Banana Milkshake

Fruit-Sweetened Chai Banana MilkshakeToday it was milkshake time again. My boys and I spent hours out and about on a hot day running errands, and then we came home and spent some time working in our garden. Later that afternoon when my 6-year-old suggested making a milkshake, it sounded like the perfect way to cool us down after our busy, hot day.


I love chai spices, so I decided to try making a Fruit-Sweetened, Chai-Spiced Milkshake.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake RecipeThe other day, a friend sent me a picture of a milkshake, reminiscing about all of the milkshakes we drank in college (yeah, they were pretty much a food group in our apartment). So when my boys were looking for a treat on a hot summer afternoon, I decided to make us some milkshakes of our own.

I wanted to make something healthier than the sugar-filled milkshakes that powered me through late nights of studying during my undergrad years, so instead of using ice cream as the cold part of this recipe, I used frozen bananas.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Tropical Temptation Ice Cream

Fruit-Sweetened Tropical Temptation Ice CreamAnother hot summer afternoon led us to again pull out our ice cream maker. This time, I wanted something fruity and tropical. So we pulled out a bunch of tropical, as well as some not-so-tropical, ingredients and whipped up this batch of cold, fruit-sweetened deliciousness. My 2-year-old asked for “More Yummy” when his ice cream was gone. That pretty much sums it up.… Continue reading

All Natural Super Fruit Milk

All Natural Super Fruit MilkThe other day we were at story time at our local library and one of the kids had a sippy bottle full of strawberry milk. It had the distinctive bright pink color of the Strawberry Quik I drank as a child. I found myself surprised that stuff was still being sold (I thought it went the way of Tang – is that still around too?).… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Banana Cardamom Ice Cream

Fruit-Sweetened Banana Cardamom Ice Cream RecipeAnother hot afternoon means another round of ice cream at our house. We’re all enjoying having a cool, healthy treat on these hot summer afternoons. Today’s flavor of choice? Banana Cardamom. The bananas provide the sweetener, and the nut butter adds a richer mouth feel (as well as some healthy fats) that you wouldn’t otherwise get without adding cream. Here’s how I made it:


Banana Cardamom Ice Cream Recipe

2.5 cups Milk of choice (coconut milk works excellently for this, but dairy or almond milk would also work)
4 Bananas
½ cup Almond Butter (peanut butter would also work)
2 teaspoons ground Vanilla Beans
2 teaspoons ground Cardamom
¼ teaspoon Salt

Process Bananas and spices in a food processor or blender until thoroughly combined.… Continue reading