Homemade Fruit-Sweetened Eggnog

Fruit-Sweetened Eggnog RecipeThe other day I got the craving for eggnog. I know, eggnog is typically considered a holiday treat, and right now in the heat of August, we’re a long time away from the winter holidays. That said, the characters in a book we read were drinking eggnog, and suddenly I couldn’t get the desire out of my head. There’s no way I am going to find commercially available eggnog at this time of year, and even if I could the stuff they sell in the market is typically extremely high in sugar.… Continue reading

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake

Fruit-Sweetened Chocolate Milkshake RecipeThe other day, a friend sent me a picture of a milkshake, reminiscing about all of the milkshakes we drank in college (yeah, they were pretty much a food group in our apartment). So when my boys were looking for a treat on a hot summer afternoon, I decided to make us some milkshakes of our own.

I wanted to make something healthier than the sugar-filled milkshakes that powered me through late nights of studying during my undergrad years, so instead of using ice cream as the cold part of this recipe, I used frozen bananas.… Continue reading

All Natural Super Fruit Milk

All Natural Super Fruit MilkThe other day we were at story time at our local library and one of the kids had a sippy bottle full of strawberry milk. It had the distinctive bright pink color of the Strawberry Quik I drank as a child. I found myself surprised that stuff was still being sold (I thought it went the way of Tang – is that still around too?).… Continue reading

Green Piña Colada Smoothie

Green Piña Colada Smoothie RecipeWith today’s sunny weather, my boys and I were happy to sit on the deck and enjoy a drink in the sunshine. We don’t have a beach near by, but this drink brought the tropics to our Rocky Mountain home. It’s full of tropical fruity goodness, including bananas, pineapple, and mango. It has a dose of healthy fats from the coconut butter, which in addition to coconuts many health benefits also lowers the overall glycemic index of the drink.… Continue reading

Refreshing Sparkling Mint Drinks or Virgin Mint Juleps

Refreshing Sparkling Mint Drinks or Virgin Mint JulepsToday is the Kentucky Derby. As my horse-loving friend was preparing for the big race, we were discussing big fancy hats, Mint Juleps, and all things traditionally Derbyish. My 6-year-old was present for the discussion, and asked if I could make him a Mint Julep. I’m not big on giving kids (or myself!) lots of sugar, and I’m definitely not giving them Bourbon, but I did make us all a delicious, refreshing Sparkling Mint Drink using the mint in our garden (the one thing that reliably comes back for us year after year), sparkling water, and a bit of sweetener.… Continue reading

Simple Sun Tea Recipe

Simple Sun Tea RecipeAre you looking for a refreshing drink on for a hot summer day? One of our favorite summer time beverages, which works just as well on a sunny spring day, is sun tea. Sun tea takes no fossil fuels to make it; instead it’s made by pure sun power. It also tastes great, and is a zero- or low-calorie healthy drink (depending on if and how you decide to sweeten it).… Continue reading

Dandelion Root and Chicory Tea

Dandelion Root and Chicory Tea

During the winter, everything slows down. Animals hibernate, plants go dormant, people spend more time indoors; everything turns inward. I feel like the same thing holds true of my body. And at times like this, I love to make Dandelion Root and Chicory Tea.

Dandelion root is a great liver cleanser, it’s also supposed to be helpful with purifying the blood.… Continue reading

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink to Boost Immunity

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink to Boost Immunity

I feel like we’re surrounded by colds and the flu right now. Our close friends all seem to be sick. When we went to story time at the library, there were lots of kids with runny noses, and lots of people coughing and sneezing and hacking. I keep hearing talk of the nasty flu going around town. We are doing our best to avoid all of this by boosting our immunity naturally.… Continue reading

Chai Spice Mix

Chai Spice Mix

I love drinking a cup of hot tea, especially when it’s cold and dreary outside. And when I feel like I need some extra warming, I add a teaspoon of this spice blend to my teapot as I steep my tea. If you brew your tea by the cup instead of by the pot, simply add a smaller amount according to your taste (perhaps ¼ teaspoon?).… Continue reading