Homemade Bubble Solution

Homemade Bubble SolutionWe go through a lot of bubble solution in our house. It frequently gets knocked over or spills, my toddler dumps it, and we just all enjoy being outside making bubbles, so it gets used quickly. There’s something magical about watching bubbles fly about in the air, and we all love to partake. Buying bubble solution gets rather expensive, so we’ve been experimenting over the years with making our own.… Continue reading

Decorating Spring Eggs (+ egg dye recipe)

Decorating Spring Eggs (+ egg dye recipe)

With Easter on its way next weekend, we’ve been seeing eggs, bunnies, and chicks everywhere (not to mention a plethora of goods containing huge amounts of sugar, and even more insidiously lots of high-fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, unhealthy oils, genetically modified soy, and chemical preservatives).

We avoid bringing unhealthy sweets into our celebrations, including our celebration of the rebirth of the natural world around us in the Spring.… Continue reading

Learning through Origami

Learning through OrigamiThe other day, my 6-year-old stumbled upon an origami book on our bookshelf. As he looked through it, the paper balloons intrigued him. He immediately set to work on trying to fold his own. And after a few tries and some help from me in interpreting some of the more complicated portions of the instructions, he was able to fold a paper balloon on his own.… Continue reading

Painting a Self Portrait

Painting a Self Portrait

My 6-year-old decided that he wanted to paint a life-size picture of himself. He also wanted to paint a life-size picture of his brother.

To help him to accomplish this, we took two large pieces of paper from our paper roll, one sized for him and one sized for his brother. I then had him lay down and I traced all around his body, starting with his head and working my way down to his feet.… Continue reading

How to Make a Piñata

My 5-year-old is turning 6 this next week, and one of his requests was for a birthday piñata. I have never been a huge fan of whacking apart animal-shaped things; even as I child, I found this extremely disturbing. So, we decided to make a piñata of our own.

How to Make a Pinata

The process is actually rather simple, though it does take an investment of time.… Continue reading

Handmade Fizzy Bath Bombs

Handmade Fizzy Bath Bombs
Bath bombs made by my 5-year-old

Our local markets all have a section where they sell fancy soaps. Frequently, sitting with these soaps, are a bin of bath bombs. My 5-year-old has become obsessed with them. The idea of having something that smells good and fizzes in his bath is really appealing to him. The biggest problem: they’re $5 each.

The high cost, in addition to some questionable ingredients, led me to decide that we were going to make our own bath bombs.… Continue reading

Catching Nightmares in a Dreamcatcher

Catching Nightmares in a Dream CatcherLast week I took my 5-year-old to go and see a production of Fiddler on the Roof. He loves theater performances, especially musicals, and when there was a one-song preview during the last performance we watched, he begged me to take him. He’s listened to the soundtrack at least once a day for the last several months. He now knows all of the songs, and we discussed the plot extensively before attending.… Continue reading

Gingerbread House Learning

Today my 5-year-old declared that he wants to expand his gingerbread village. (Yes, we both know that the big winter holidays have already come and gone).

Gingerbread House Learning

Some people may look at this as a simple craft project, but a child will learn a lot by being engaged in such an activity. Besides the obvious art of decorating such a house, there are many other important skills that can be learned and refined by making a gingerbread house.… Continue reading