Refilling Foaming Hand Soap Containers

Refilling Foaming Hand Soap Containers
Our foaming hand soap containers, refilled and ready to go.

We go through a lot of hand soap in our family.  While foaming hand soap is expensive to buy in the store, it is very inexpensive and simple to make on your own.  In addition to cost effectiveness and ease, you can control the ingredients to make certain they are free of chemical nasties. … Continue reading

Getting Kids Involved with Preparations for a Special Day

Happy Thanksgiving
A Pumpkin painted by my 7-year-old.

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought you might find a reminder about this post from over the summer helpful.  In it, my friend Lainie discusses how she uses a Sticky Note Wall to help involve her kids in preparing for a big gathering or celebration.


You can find the post HERE.


This is a great suggestion for families, especially once your kids can read.… Continue reading

Encouraging Self-Sufficiency: Teaching my 7-year-old to do Laundry

Before my children move out of the house, there are a wide variety of skills that I want them to master.  Basic self-care, home care (HERE and HERE), basic repair skills, cooking, financial literacy, and many other things along these lines.  One of these skills is doing laundry.


My 7-year-old, who has watched me do laundry from the time I wore him as a newborn, recently expressed an interest in doing the laundry himself. … Continue reading

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Foaming Hand SoapIf your family is anything like mine, everyone loves foaming hand soap.  My boys love that it magically foams up, even before they begin scrubbing.  I love that it gets my kids excited about washing their hands.  It also helps to reduce waste as it give them a handful of soap in only one squirt, instead of my boys repeatedly pumping regular soap into their hands until they feel like they have enough.… Continue reading

Teach Kids to Help with Special Day Preparations: Use a Post It Note Wall

Teach Kids to Help with Special Event Preparations: Use a Post-It Wall
Lainie’s kids choosing tasks from the Post It Wall. *photo credit: Lainie*

My dear friend Lainie is back with another household tip.  This time, she discusses how she gets her kids involved with preparations for a special occasion.  Her tip about Teaching Kids to Clean with Lines has made a huge difference in our house.  I can see her suggestion about a Post It Note Wall being equally effective (especially once both of my boys can read!).… Continue reading

Teaching Kids to Clean with Lines

Teaching Kids to Clean with Lines
A Line, all ready to be picked up and put away. *Photo Credit: Lainie


This post comes from my long-time dear friend, Lainie. Her ideas about practical ways to help a household run smoothly even with small children underfoot (as well as so many other things) have encouraged me over the years. I hope you find the idea she writes about here helpful as well.… Continue reading

Homemade Citrus Spice Air Freshener

Homemade Citrus Spice Air FreshenerI love diffusing the scent of Thieves oil mixed with a citrus oil. It’s a combination of spicy fall scents and fresh citrus scents that I find intoxicating.

The other day when I walked into my son’s room, it smelled musty. I decided to whip up a batch of Homemade Spicy Citrus Air Freshener in order to help clean the air a bit.… Continue reading

Teaching Kids to Work by Working Together Around the House

Teaching Kids to Work by Working Together Around the House
Keeping rags and a spray bottle where my boys can easily grab them makes it easy for them to help clean up.

My boys love to help out around the house. I think kids instinctively want to contribute to a family, and to love to engage in tasks where their efforts are valued. In order to encourage these sorts of behaviors, my husband and I try to have the boys work beside us whenever we can.… Continue reading

Homemade Natural Scouring Powder

Homemade Natural Scouring PowderThe other day I was reading about the many hazardous chemicals contained in everyday cleaners. While we’ve replaced most of the cleaning products in our home with safer versions or products that I make for us, it’s rather concerning to me that trying to clean up can be linked with so many health hazards.

We’ve been using a “green” scouring powder for years.… Continue reading