Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise BrownLast night as I lay down with my 2-year-old to fall asleep, I whispered to him, as I always do, “Good night. I love you.” Instead of the simple, “G’night” he normally whispers in reply, he launched into a string of good nights, “G’night, Mama. G’night, Daddy. G’night, Brother [he calls his brother “Brother” as he has trouble pronouncing his name].… Continue reading

Woolbur, by Leslie Helakoski

Woolbur, by Leslie HelakoskiWoolbur is a fun, charming book about a young sheep who likes to do everything in his own way. If your little one prefers running with the dogs to standing still with the herd, you may see your child’s free spirit reflected in Woolbur’s own. This is a great story for helping kids to see that being who you are, even if it’s very different from everybody else, is part of what makes life – and the world around us – a delightful place to be.… Continue reading

Zen Shorts, by Jon J Muth

Zen Shorts, by Jon J MuthMuth’s Zen Shorts is one of our favorite picture books. His accessible retelling of famous Zen stories packaged in a visually delightful format make this book a great way to encourage mindfulness in children and adults.

My boys were initially drawn in by the gorgeous illustrations. Muth’s beautifully rendered watercolors are full of color and light, and wonderfully express the humor and serenity of the points he’s trying to convey.… Continue reading

Omnibeasts, by Douglas Florian

Omnibeasts, by Douglas FlorianMy boys and I love silly rhymes, so I was excited when I stumbled upon this wonderful book of whimsical poems and illustrations. Florian filled Omnibeasts full of delightful short poems that seamlessly combine fun, wit, and fact.

In one of our favorites, Florian writes [in successively smaller font], “The itty-bitty, pretty tetra / Is small, minute, petite, et cetra.” In another, he describes the praying mantis: “Upon a twig / I sit and pray / For something big / To wend my way; / A caterpillar, / Moth, / Or bee — / I swallow them / Religiously.” And of Persian cats, he pens: “I am a cat of longhaired version.… Continue reading

A Children’s Book about Home Birth

A Children's Book about Home BirthThe other day, my boys were digging through one of our bookshelves, and pulled out a stack of books that we haven’t read in a long time. We have hundreds of children’s books, so while we read every day, it isn’t too difficult to find some books that have sat unread for a period.

One of the books they pulled out was Jenni Overend’s Hello Baby.… Continue reading