Grain-Free, Dairy-Free St. Lucia Buns

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free St. Lucia BunsMy 6-year-old planned an entire St. Lucia Day Celebration for us. The only thing I had to do was to come up with and help bake a recipe for St. Lucia buns. Coming up with a recipe we could actually eat ended up being more difficult than I thought it would be, as none of the recipes I found online were quite right for one reason or another – they either had grains or dairy or guar gum or other things we try to avoid.… Continue reading

Grain-Free Rosemary Sea Salt Biscuits

Grain-Free Rosemary Sea Salt BiscuitsI was thinking about something special to go along with our roasted chicken for dinner the other night, when something else entirely unrelated brought rosemary to mind. I love the smell of rosemary, and was struck by the idea of making Rosemary Sea Salt Biscuits.


Unfortunately, time got away from me and I was unable to make the biscuits that night.… Continue reading

Grain-Free, Nut-Free Spice Bread

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this recipe on Living Healthy with Chocolate. It sounded simple and worth a try. (As a note, Adriana posts all sorts of great recipes and her food pictures are fantastic. It’s worth giving her blog a look.)


Grain-Free, Nut-Free Spice Bread


This last week, I’ve felt the fingers of Fall starting to reach into our Rocky Mountain summer nights, though the days still get quite warm.… Continue reading

Grain-Free, Corn-Free Cornbread (Paleo, GAPS)

Last night I made chili for dinner. As I was cooking it, I had a flash back to my childhood, and remembered that when my mom served chili, she would also serve cornbread with honey butter. I remember it being amazingly delicious.


Grain-Free, Corn-Free Cornbread (Paleo, GAPS)

Suddenly, I wanted cornbread. But since no one in my family eats corn and feels well afterward, I knew that it couldn’t be a traditional cornbread.… Continue reading

Grain-Free Coconut Muffins

Grain-Free Coconut MuffinsRight now, my 6-year-old is very interested in learning kitchen skills. He very sweetly told his Dad, “You know why I want to learn to cook? Because Mama is cooking all the time. And I really like to help. And I can help her a lot if I do some of the cooking.” Whatever his personal motivation was today, it’s important to me that both of my boys know how to cook and grow to be self-sufficient in the kitchen.… Continue reading

Grain-Free Broccoli Breadsticks

Grain-Free Broccoli Breadsticks RecipeWhile I was searching for something new to try in our kitchen, I stumbled across this recipe for Broccoli Breadsticks. We could eat all the ingredients in the recipe, and I happened to have all the ingredients except fresh basil on hand. So I modified it slightly and we decided to give it a try.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I made this recipe, but the breadsticks didn’t turn out how I imagined they would (perhaps I focused too much on the word “bread” in breadsticks).… Continue reading

Grain-Free Bread

Grain-Free BreadThe other day we read a book that involved sandwiches. Since we don’t eat grains, we don’t regularly have bread in our house. As a result, my kids have never had a traditional sandwich. They’ve certainly had their share of roll-ups, but not a regular two-piece-of-bread-with-filling-in-the-middle sandwich. After reading the book, my 6-year-old really wanted to try a sandwich.

While I’m very careful about the food that I feed to my kids, both for health and food allergy reasons, I also try hard to make sure that they don’t feel deprived on our diet.… Continue reading

Grain-Free Biscuits

Grain-Free Biscuits

With all of the cold, snowy weather we’ve had recently, I’ve felt the strong desire for comfort foods. For me, warm baked goods definitely fulfill that desire. These biscuits are a modification of a recipe I found on  Elana’s Pantry.


Grain-Free Biscuits Recipe

2.5 cups almond flour, plus about ¼ cup for dusting the dough
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup coconut oil
2 eggs

Blend together coconut oil, eggs and salt.… Continue reading

Grain-free Banana Bread

Grain-free Banana BreadFor the last couple of days, my 6-year-old has been requesting that we undertake a baking project. With lots of snow on the ground and more forecasted to come, this seemed like a good day. We decided to try something new and made grain-free banana bread.

It smelled amazing as it cooked, and we were all counting down the minutes until it would be done baking.… Continue reading