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Find out how to get started with Essential Oils below.  Everyday Intentional Living readers receive a special bonus upon sign-up.

Essential Oils at a discount

I love essential oils, and use them for all sorts of things throughout my home:


  • Making homemade beauty and cleaning products
  • Promoting skin health
  • Supporting the nervous system in times of stress
  • Boosting energy
  • Supporting general health and wellness
  • Soothing after-exercise aches
  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Help with the sniffles
  • Supporting the body’s natural defenses
  • Making my house smell FANTASTIC
  • And so much more


If you would like to try essential oils for yourself or your family, I suggest starting with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.


I’ve used several different brands of essential oils over the years, and have found that the quality of Young Living’s oils far surpasses any of the others I had on my shelf.  I love that they grow their oils sustainably without chemical pesticides and herbicides, distill their oils themselves using natural means of extraction, and prepare food-grade essential oils without cutting them with any carriers.  (You can read more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal Process HERE.)  Once I experienced them, I was hooked.


When you order a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, you not only get the items that come in the starter kit (a great deal, saving over 50% off retail!), but buying a kit also allows you to get a 24% discount on all future purchases by opening a wholesale account. Fantastic!


Premium Starter Kit Discount.Dewdrop


As a note, while the wholesale option is clearly the better economic deal, if you would rather try one or two oils first by purchasing them retail before buying a starter kit, simply choose the retail option when following the directions below. But if you decide to buy a starter kit, you will not be disappointed.


Please know that if you choose the wholesale option, there is never any obligation to buy more. You simply need to purchase 50PV (roughly $50) per year to keep your account in active standing. Purchasing a Young Living starter kit is sort of like buying a membership at Costco, except instead of only getting a plastic card that then allows you to buy goods at wholesale cost, you get an assortment of oils and a diffuser, and then can buy future items, if desired, at wholesale. There is NEVER any pressure for you to distribute the oils.


The Young Living Premium Starter Kit includes:

1 diffuser (you can choose from an assortment of diffusers, ranging from the basic Home diffuser to the ultra-lux Aria; the price varies with diffuser choice)

1 Everyday 10 Oils kit (5ml bottles of Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Copaiba, Frankincense, Thieves, Purification, R.C., DiGize, PanAway), plus a Bonus 5ml bottle of Stress Away.

1 aromaglide fitment (a roller ball, for fast and easy application)

10 Sample oil packets

10 Sample oil bottles

2 Ningxia Red 2-ounce samples

All sorts of information (Product Guide, Getting Started flier, Welcome Booklet, Users Guide, etc.)

Essential Oils at a discount

In addition to all that Young Living offers, if you sign up through me, I will Personally Assist You in figuring out which oils may be helpful for you and your family, as well as make sure that you’re able to take part in an Essential Oils 101 Class (either in person or online, depending on your location).


I also love sending the people who sign up through me a FREE little goodie bag (or box) filled with all sorts of fun oily information, tools, and products (the exact contents vary by season) as a welcome gift.  Just drop me a note letting me know that you signed up through my sign-up link and I’ll make sure you get one.


Finally, I can also provide you with access to an exclusive, invitation-only LemonDropper Facebook group. This private group has thousands of questions and answers in the archives that you can search through for more information, plus you’re always welcome to post your own inquiries and hear the responses of many experienced and knowledgeable people.


Starter Kit

Below you will find the link to Young Living’s sign-up page as well as step by step directions to get checked out and on your way to experiencing how essential oils can make a big difference in your life.

Step 1: Go HERE to sign up.

Step 2: Make sure “Member” is marked off instead of “Retail Customer.” Becoming a member is the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% member-only discount. That’s important! ::grin::

Step 3: Make sure my member numbers are in the blanks (they should be there if you entered with the link in step 1): 2034737

Step 4: Fill out all the information. It will ask you for your social security number but this is only for legal purposes so that Young Living can pay you a referral fee if you sign someone else up for a kit (Young Living is a referral-based business). If you never sign anyone up, your social security number will never be used.

Step 5: Make sure you write down your pin, user name and password when you choose it because you’ll need that in the future to log into your account.

Step 6: Select the “PREMIUM STARTER KIT” This is the one with the everyday oils kit, the diffuser, and the start living kit. It will be $160. The basic starter kit does not include the oils. If you want to upgrade the Home diffuser for another style (and there are some truly gorgeous ones!), those are available for an additional amount.

**Note: Next, there is a place to choose an Essential Rewards package.
Essential Rewards is an auto ship program in which you can earn free oils and get lower flat rate shipping, etc. You can change your order every month, customizing it with whatever you want to buy as long as it’s a minimum of $50/month. However, for now I tell everyone to say “No, thank you.” If you decide you want to sign up later, the option is always available. When you sign up, you’ll be able to fully customize your ER order with the individual items you want and not just those pre-selected packages.

Step 7: Click “Next.”

Step 8: Add any oils or products that you would like in addition to your kit, if there are any.

Step 9: Check out.


And there you go. That should take care of it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Jeanette

    I started using these oil one year ago and love them. They have helped to support my family’s immunity, given emotional support, and helped managed sleep, and pain.

    • Yes, we’ve loved them for so many things too. 🙂

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