Simplify Saturday: Make One Pot Meals

Grain-Free, Corn-Free Cornbread (Paleo, GAPS)Cooking real food from scratch can take a lot of time and effort. Part of what makes it take so long is all of the cleanup involved. Thankfully, when my husband is home, he helps with the post-dinner cleanup. That truly helps a lot. But another way to simplify your mealtime is to cook a One-Pot meal. I try to do this at least once a week.


This accomplishes a couple things. First, it makes it so I only have to clean one big pot or pan instead of the many pots and pans I often use when preparing dinner. This dramatically reduces the amount of after-dinner cleanup involved in any particular meal.


Second, it seems to make the meal simpler to have everything in one dish. Protein and vegetables all served up together? While I might not do it every night, it’s a simple way to make sure everyone is getting a balanced meal.


Some of our favorite one-pot/one-dish meals are:


Quick Thai Green Curry Chicken

Quick Thai Green-Curry Chicken


Bean-Free Vegetable and Beef Chili

Bean-Free Vegetable and Beef Chili



Vegetable Crust, Grain-Free Pizza


Potato-Free Shepherd's Pie

Potato-Free Shepherd’s Pie

Simple Chicken and Vegetable Soup



What are your favorite One-Pot Meals? How do you cut down on post-dinner clean up?

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