Relaxing Near the Bay

Relaxing Near the BayTaking time to relax, to step away from day-to-day demands, is important.  We all need white space in our lives.  Time that is unscheduled.  Time to think.  Time to dream.  Time to simply be.


While I work hard to create moments of quiet in my day-to-day life, as truly we all need to have downtime daily, it’s definitely a challenge to accomplish this while homeschooling two young, active boys.


Every once in a while, as a family we’re able to take a longer chunk of time and set aside most of our everyday commitments.  So while we vacation, we all try to take advantage of these moments to relax and spend unstructured, unhurried time together.


Yes, there is still cooking to do and boys to look after.  Yes, there are some commitments while we’re away.  But it all feels more relaxing when looking at this view.  And the opportunity to sit on my in-laws’ deck reading a book purely for fun while listening to my boys digging the sand and splashing in the water nearby?  It’s like heaven on earth.



How do you make space for relaxation in your life?


2 thoughts on “Relaxing Near the Bay

  1. Honestly, I relax most often by driving to work. It takes about 45 minutes to get there during the evening rush hour, but I get to listen to the radio and drink coffee and I give myself plenty of time so that it’s not stressful at all. Did I mention I have a 9-month-old that I watch all day? I definitely appreciate the alone time.

    I think you make a good point here. There are always going to be commitments or responsibilities we must attend to, but if we can fully be present in and appreciate the quiet moments, they end up being enough to sustain us.

    • Yes! While it’s lovely to have a vacation to relax, I think you’re absolutely right that it’s the finding quiet in everyday moments that really impacts our daily lives. I love that you take a commute that could be considered a bother and make it a time for quiet. Fantastic!

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