Owie Oil: For all those Little Bumps, Bruises, and Scrapes

I have two young children.  This means we encounter a lot of bumps, bruises, and scrapes in our house.


When they occur, sometimes my kids keep going as if nothing happened.  I may think, “Wow, that looks like that hurt,” but since they don’t pay it any mind, I also let it go.


Other times, they simply want an acknowledgement from me that, indeed, that looked startling or painful.  Generally an exchanged glance or a few words of sympathy takes care of these.


Then there are the instances that a hug or a kiss will resolve.


Then, there are those instances that actually require some basic first aid.  Whether that’s an ice pack and lying down on the couch for big bumps and bruises, or it’s cleaning out a scrape, these ouches need some care.


In our house, all of these things happen frequently.  And my boys know what we do when they get scraped up.  First, we wash it.  If it’s an open wound, we then spray the area with some colloidal silver, which functions as an anti-microbial to kill off anything that may want to infect the wound.  (As a note, you can find it in SPRAY, DROPPER, or GEL form, if one works better for you)  And then we put a few drops of Young Living’s Owie essential oil on the top to help promote healing.  It helps to reduce the bleeding (both internal bruising and external bleeding) as well as promoting skin healing.


Last week we were hiking with friends when two of the kids took a tumble.  Both of them got pretty scratched up.  Our friend had to have all sorts of rocks picked out of the palms of her hands, and my little guy ended scratched down his arms and legs, with a little bit on his belly.  As he showed me his ouches, after emphasizing that he was done playing chase on the trail, the first thing he asked was, “Mama, do you have the Owie oil with you?  My skin needs to do a lot of healing.”


So I put Owie oil on everyone’s ouches.  A few days later my son’s scrapes were all healed.  Wonderfully, the skin supporting oils it contains also help to reduce scarring, a fact I hope my boys appreciate in the future.


Owie is great to have on hand.  I keep a bottle at home as well as in my oils-on-the-go bag.  If you want to try it yourself, you can order a bottle through Young Living.  (If you’re interested, you can read more about why and how I use Young Living’s essential oils HERE.)



How do you treat bumps, bruises, and scrapes in your house?

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