Natural Burn Remedies

Natural Burn Remedies
My burnt fingers along with the lavender essential oil I used to help support their recovery.

Today while I was cooking, my boys were swooping in and out of the kitchen, pretending to be bats. As they dove after mosquitoes, the timer went off, and I was busy keeping an eye on them and reminding them to stay away from the open oven.


Apparently I was highly distracted, as I only had a potholder in one hand. Ouch! I burned all of the fingertips on my right hand.


While it was only a brief touch, it was also a glass dish that had spent over an hour in a 350-degree oven. It was hot.


Of course, I immediately let go and then grabbed a second pot holder before removing the dish.


After getting the oven closed, I quickly went and filled a bowl with cool water and stuck my fingertips inside.


I carried the bowl with me so my fingers could soak in the cool water as I turned off the oven and then continued to walk through the house. My next stop was my cabinet full of essential oils and other natural remedies.


I grabbed my bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil and put a drop neat (undiluted) on each of my fingertips. I let it sit for a minute, then put my fingers back in the cool water. About 5 minutes later, I applied the lavender again, then let my fingers rest in the cool water while we ate dinner.


After dinner I applied the lavender a third time, and then continued to apply it each time I felt the burning sensation return.


Several hours later, my fingertips still feel weird (I did burn them, after all), but they’re not blistering like I thought they would. I think my quick action with the cool water soak and the healing properties in the lavender (which is wonderfully supportive of healthy skin) helped my skin to recover quickly, and with minimal damage.


I learned earlier this summer that pure, therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil is wonderfully soothing and healing for sunburns, and now I’ve found out that it’s fantastic for use on kitchen burns too (I get mine HERE). I’ll definitely make sure that I always have some in my natural medicine cabinet.


What is your go-to burn remedy? Have you tried using lavender essential oil on any type of burn?

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