Life is Fragile. So are Heads.

Life is Fragile.  So are Heads.Just over two weeks ago I fainted and hit my head. Hard. This resulted in a serious concussion (along with a ton of medical tests to try to figure out why it happened – but more on that another time).


I’ve spent the better part of these two weeks with a pounding headache and doing my best to rest in order to support my body in its recovery.


While my headache is gradually resolving, my body is still exhausted and weak.


I hope to be back to posting regularly soon. But in the meantime, remember that life is precious and fragile. It only takes a moment for things to change dramatically. Be thankful for wellness, and for the love and beauty around you.

2 thoughts on “Life is Fragile. So are Heads.

  1. Jeanette

    I’m so sorry! Praying you’ll be ok

    • Thank you, Jeanette. I appreciate your kindness and caring.

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