How to Freeze Bananas

How to Freeze BananasI always keep bananas in my freezer. They’re great for sweeteners for smoothies or ice cream, not to mention they add a lot of creaminess to a recipe. This is also a handy way to store them for baked goods.


So we buy bananas when they’re on sale, and freeze them as they ripen. This is also a really good way to save bananas that are on the verge of getting overripe if you don’t have a need for them immediately; it’s a simple way to avoid food waste.


If you’re not careful about how you freeze your bananas, you can easily end up with one large banana brick instead of individual frozen banana chunks. And if you don’t remove the peels before you freeze them, you can’t use the bananas unless you defrost them first. This method avoids both of those potential problems.



Here’s how I freeze bananas for easy use in my recipes:



How to Freeze Bananas

1 large bunch bananas
1 jelly roll pan, or similar (I use one like THIS)

Break peeled bananas into 2-3-inch chunks.

Lay them out in a single layer on a jelly roll pan (you can use a baking sheet, but I find that something with edges works best so they don’t accidentally roll off the edge).

Place them in freezer until frozen solid. I generally freeze them overnight.

Remove the frozen banana chunks from the baking sheet and place them in a storage bag or container for more compact storage and to protect your bananas from freezer burn.

Pull out your frozen banana chunks to use in recipes as needed.



Do you keep frozen bananas on hand? How do you freeze them?

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