Homemade Natural Scouring Powder

Homemade Natural Scouring PowderThe other day I was reading about the many hazardous chemicals contained in everyday cleaners. While we’ve replaced most of the cleaning products in our home with safer versions or products that I make for us, it’s rather concerning to me that trying to clean up can be linked with so many health hazards.

We’ve been using a “green” scouring powder for years. But when a friend of mine passed along this recipe, I decided to give making my own scouring cleanser a try. It was super easy to make – it took only a few minutes from start to finish — and it smells terrific. Also, I made it entirely with ingredients I already had at home.


Homemade Natural Scouring Powder Recipe

1 cup baking soda
½ cup grated all-natural bar soap
15-20 drops essential oils (I use pure, therapeutic-grade Lemon that I get HERE)
1 glass jar for storage

Grate the bar of soap until you have about ½ cup.

Combine the grated soap, baking soda, and essential oils of your choice in a food processor. Blend until the soap is completely broken up and the mixture looks like a fine powder.

Transfer to a glass jar and screw on the lid. I used an old salt container, so my lid has holes and a flip top, which seem handy for shaking out the cleanser.

Be sure to label your jar so that everyone knows exactly what is inside.

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