Healthy Snack: Fresh Plums

Healthy Snack: Fresh PlumsWe just had new neighbors move in across the street. We live in the mountains, and don’t have many people close by, but we’ve been fortunate that those who live around us are truly wonderful people. I’m excited about meeting the newest residents in our neighborhood, and want to greet them with a welcome gift in hand.


My son suggested making them some type of cookies or a cake, but I always feel nervous about bringing baked goods to people I don’t know. I know that, due to food allergies, my family would not be able to eat the baked goods most people would bring to us. I don’t want to put someone else in that same awkward position. So, instead, we decided to bring them locally grown Fresh Plums, with a few local Fresh Peaches added to the bag for good measure.


Fresh Plums are a delicious, easy-to-grab snack: perfect for those early days of getting settled in a new house. In addition to being sweet, juicy, and incredibly convenient, plums are also wonderfully healthy.


Health Benefits of Plums


Plums contain unique antioxidants that can help prevent oxygen-induced free radical damage to fats, which means the fatty substances in our body such as brain cells, cell membranes, and cholesterol all benefit (WHFoods, 2015). Plums have also been shown to protect against brain cell breakdown, and may help to reduce the likelihood of memory loss as well as slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (Herrington, 2013; Shenouda, 2015).


Anthocyanins, the dark reddish-blue pigment sported by some plums, may reduce cancer risk by helping to eliminate free radicals (Shenouda, 2015). Plum extracts have also been shown to kill breast cancer cells (Herrington, 2013).


Plums help to increase the body’s absorption of iron (WHFoods, 2015). They also contain high amounts of Vitamin C, which helps to support a healthy immune system, and are a good source of Vitamin K, and copper (WHFoods, 2015).


The high amount of potassium in plums may help to reduce the risk of stroke as well as lowering high blood pressure (Shenouda, 2015). They may also help to increase bone mineral density (Herrington, 2013).


The high amount of fiber in plums can help you to feel full, and slows the rate at which food leaves the stomach. High fiber is not only good for digestive health, avoiding constipation, reducing diabetes risk, and lowering cholesterol, it may also help to prevent overeating and weight gain (WHFoods, 2015).


I hope our new neighbors enjoy Fresh Plums as much as we do. And whether you’re eating them fresh or dried (prunes are dried plums), know that you’re enjoying a healthy snack.



What is your favorite way to enjoy plums? Do you eat them as a summer snack?



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