Green Lemonade Slushie

Green Lemonade SlushieThe other day, I took my boys to the County Fair. While we were there, especially as the day got warmer, we saw lots of people drinking slushies. My boys were fascinated by these bright-colored beverages.  I didn’t want to buy a fair slushie drink. The day-glow colors told me that they were full of artificial colors, and they were likely loaded with corn syrup too (which would make my little guys break out in a serious rash). So I told my boys that I would experiment with making our own Ice Slushies at home.

I think lemon is a wonderfully refreshing flavor, so I decided to start with a lemonade slushie. To get our own fun, bright color – as well as to pack a good nutritional punch – I added a bunch of spinach and kale. The drinks turned out well. We all enjoyed them. And, I promise, you can’t taste the greens.

Here’s how I made them:


Green Lemonade Slushie Recipe

1 lemon (most zest removed)
Sweetener, to taste (honey, stevia, agave, sugar, or whatever you prefer)
1 cup frozen greens
2 cups ice
Water, to desired consistency

Load all ingredients into a high-powered blender.

Puree until smooth and creamy, adding water if needed.

Serve and enjoy.

NOTES: The zest has bright lemon flavor, but it’s also rather bitter. So remove it to suit your tastes; I probably removed about ¾ of mine. I left the pith (the white part) attached because of its high nutritional value. For sweetener, I used about 15 drops of liquid stevia. I used a blend of spinach and kale in our drink.


What is your favorite slushie flavor?  Which flavor should we try next?

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