Gingerbread House Learning

Today my 5-year-old declared that he wants to expand his gingerbread village. (Yes, we both know that the big winter holidays have already come and gone).

Gingerbread House Learning

Some people may look at this as a simple craft project, but a child will learn a lot by being engaged in such an activity. Besides the obvious art of decorating such a house, there are many other important skills that can be learned and refined by making a gingerbread house.

Fine motor skills are enhanced as a child manipulates and balances the various pieces of gingerbread to construct the house, as well as in applying the different sizes and shapes of decorations.

Visual and spatial senses are employed in the building process.

Math skills, such as measurement, and cutting different sizes and shapes are utilized.

Physics are necessary to build a house that will not fall down, as well as in decorating. One has to be sure that the candy isn’t too heavy, or it will slide off. And if too much icing is added, the decorations will also fall off. Friction becomes important as gravity pulls everything downward.

Gingerbread House Learning

I’m sure there are other skills employed too, but these are the few that came immediately to mind.

Kids can learn so much by engaging in everyday activities that everyone can enjoy.

Simply disregard those who say a gingerbread house is only good as a Christmas decoration.


Here’s a cookie cutter set to make your own gingerbread houses.

If you’re not up for making your own, you can find gingerbread house kits HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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