Flower Petal Reflections

Flower Petal Reflections Flower Petal Reflections

Today it is cold and very, very snowy. In spite of the lovely weather we had last week, spring feels a long time off.

This made today a great day to examine flower petals, with our hands, our minds, and our imaginations.

We engaged all of our senses as we looked at the various petals. We looked at them first with our naked eyes, and then with a magnifying glass. We talked about the color variations between the petals, as well as the color striations within each petal. We discussed the patterns of color and shade across the petals. The petals varied in texture, and, of course, we experienced an array of scents.

As we experienced the petals, we talked about the coming of spring. It became a small meditation as we looked at the flowers and imagined them opening. My 6-year-old knows the general life-cycle of a plant, and together we invoked visuals of the flowers’ lives as he dissected some of the petals.

First the plants sprout and begin grow out of the ground. The green plant grows, both above and below the ground, pulling nutrients from the sun and soil for nourishment. Then we have buds, which turn into blossoms; beautiful flowers like the ones we were holding. Next, the pollinators come. The bees and the butterflies help the plants to spread their pollen, and sip from the flowers’ sweet nectar. Then the blossoms fade. The seeds form and get dispersed. Finally, a new plant can grow.

In this, we see various stages of growth and beauty. We see the impermanence of life. We feel our senses nourished, as our minds pull upon experiences from past seasons. And our hearts feel renewed as we ponder the spring to come.

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