Family Game Night: Uno Card Game

I love to play games.  Board games.  Card games.  Strategy games.  Word games.  Puzzle-solving games.  Any of them.  And my boys seem to have inherited that same love.


Over the years my 8-year-old has been a fan of a huge number of games, each for their own period of time.  My 4-year-old is just beginning to enjoy game playing with games that aren’t cooperative, meaning everyone works together (Cauldron Quest and Wildcraft are two cooperative games that we enjoy; I’ll review them another time.).


The current card obsession started several months ago when my 8-year-old played Uno with a friend.  He loved it.  And it didn’t take long for my then 3-year-old to realize that he could play too.  The game is simple, you simply have to play your cards matching either the color or type of card played by the previous player (or use a wild card).  Aside from some confusion between 6 and 9, most young kids can do this.


It didn’t take long for Uno to become my younger son’s favorite game.  We play, without exaggeration, often 20 times a day (yes, it’s a quick game).  And after a few months, my little guy – now 4-years-old, has become quite the card shark.  My husband and I can play our best game, and our little guy wins as often as he loses.


While Uno a simple enough game for a young child to grasp and play and win (especially once they develop a bit of strategy; strategy comes into play the most when only two people are playing; the greater the number of players, the more chance comes into play), it’s still fun for adults.  I’m not saying you won’t desire to play a new game after hundreds of repetitions, but it’s fun.  And your entire family, children of all ages as well as adults, can all play together and have a great time.


Finally, because Uno is a card game, it’s small.  Small enough to slip into a purse or backpack.  This makes it a perfect game to bring to play while you’re waiting for an appointment, waiting for food at a restaurant, or similar occasions when you need a bit of entertainment or distraction.  And because it’s a a card game, it’s also relatively inexpensive.  I recommend adding it to your game closet.


You can order your own Uno game HERE.

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