Eggnog for the Holidays

Egg Nog for the HolidaysThe other day a friend commented to me, “You should make a healthier eggnog recipe. The stuff available in the market is so full of toxic junk.” I pointed her to the healthier, Homemade Fruit-Sweetened Eggnog recipe I posted during the summer earlier this year.


Just in case you also forgot the recipe was there, I figured I’d mention it again. If you’re looking for an alternative to the eggnog typically stocked in stores that is full of excessive sugar, gums and other thickeners, as well as artificial colors and flavors, you can give this simple recipe a try instead.


While I love eggnog year round, it’s especially nice during the holidays. We made some today, and I’m sure I’ll make several more batches before the holiday season passes.



Do you have a healthier version of a holiday treat that you particularly enjoy?

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