A Day of Snowed-In Fun

This past week we had a lot of snow.  In fact, there was so much snow that we got snowed in.  My Sweetie graciously takes care of the snow blowing when he’s in town, but he was on the road during this storm.


While the boys and I were a bit disappointed to cancel a brunch-date with a dear friend, it felt nice for the weather to declare a day of rest on our behalf.


Since the temperature dropped below zero, it was too cold to spend much time outside.  (While we enjoy making them, this chilly day wasn’t the time for snow mandalas.)


So we happily snuggled up and had a cozy, inside day.  Here’s what we did — and these tips are great, no matter what it is that’s keeping you in the house:


We read lots of books.


We baked quick and easy Grain-Free Coconut Muffins and prepared Hot Spiced Herbal Chai.  During this storm, we didn’t choose to make Snow Ice Cream or Maple Snow Candy, but perhaps we will next time.  They’re fun to do at least once a winter.


We colored.


We made music.


We danced.


We sat by the window and watched the snow fall, fostering a bit of quiet and inner calm.


And, best of all, we spent lots of time snuggled up on the couch.


A day of rest, without any other obligations, did all of us some good.  And when our kind neighbor came and cleared our driveway the following day, we felt restored and ready to head out on our next adventure.



What are you favorite activities for a snowed-in day (or when you are stuck inside for whatever reason)?

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