Crafting Bugs from Natural Materials

Crafting Bugs with Natural MaterialsNatural, found objects can make amazing art supplies. Not only is it fun for children to explore outside and find these objects, but being able to turn them into a work of art brings another level of perspective to the task.


When kids are looking at items with an eye for using the materials in an art project, it helps to develop careful observation skills by encouraging them to look closely at things and to picture them in an entirely different context.


For this project, my boys used an assortment of different-shaped seed pods, natural-fiber paper, stems, grasses, dried flowers, and seeds. They took these materials and used them to create their own bugs. We used hot glue to hold them together.


We ended up with quite a variety of bugs, ranging from a honeybee and a dragonfly to a fantastic made-up creation. My 6-year-old mentioned wanting to take them all and assemble them into a mobile so all of the bugs will fly. They would also make lovely handmade holiday ornaments.


This type of project is a fun way to make use of the dried/dead materials that can be found in a fall or winter garden (at least in our neck of the woods – most plant life is dormant in the winter here).


This is a project that kids can do largely on their own, though – depending on their age – they may need some assistance with the glue gun.



Have you made any interesting art projects using natural materials with your children?

3 thoughts on “Crafting Bugs from Natural Materials

  1. This is SO clever, I am sure my kids will love doing this along with our spring nature study! I homeschool too and have been pretty tapped out lately creatively speaking.

    • It’s a lot of fun. My boys love making things from found materials, and projects like this help them to examine the natural world with a different perspective. Enjoy!

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