A Cool Way to Save Water

A Cool Way to Save WaterWe are one of the few families I know who don’t have an in-door water and ice dispenser in our refrigerator.  (This is by choice, those models tend to be much less energy efficient than their solid door counterparts.)  This means that cold water is not a given at our house, nor is it instantaneous.


If your refrigerator is similar to ours, than this tip is for you.  Unless, of course, you happen to be like me and prefer your water at room temperature.  It’s weird, I know; my cold-water-loving husband also thinks I’m crazy.


So how does my chilled-drink-craving family get their fix of cold water without wasting a bunch of water in the process?  We do in this very simple way.


If you don’t have a ready supply of cold water around, then when you want a cool drink on a hot day, you may find yourself running a bunch of water through your tap until your water cools down enough that you can have a cold drink.


Try this easy solution instead: keep a pitcher or bottle of water in your refrigerator so you have cold water at the ready whenever you want it.  By allowing the water to cool in your refrigerator, you won’t waste a bunch of water while waiting for cold water to come out of the faucet.


It’s a simple and sustainable solution.



Do you like cold water?  How do you get cold water in your home?

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