Thought for the Day: Roald Dahl

Thought for the Day: Roald Dahl


Our thoughts define who we are.  Let’s choose thoughts that are beautiful, kind, and full of love.  And may those compassionate thoughts make all of us lovely.



“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

― Roald Dahl, The TwitsContinue reading

Thought for the Day: John Lennon

Thought for the Day: Lennon


This last week I’ve heard people say that this election proves that our country is falling apart.  Others declare that finally our country can be saved.


Whatever your belief, and no matter who you voted for, I hope we can agree that we all need to treat each other with kindness and compassion.  As humans, our similarities are far greater than our differences.… Continue reading

Teaching Compassion to and Learning Compassion from a Young Child

"<yoastmark“Mama, wait!” my three-year-old called as we were leaving the park, “There’s a worm on the sidewalk and I must save him.”  My son did his best to gently pick up the worm (it took three tries to get the worm securely onto his palm), then explained to it that worms need dirt to survive so he was going to relocate the worm to the nearby grassy area. … Continue reading

Thought for the Day: Mahatma Gandhi

Thought for the Day: Gandhi


Our thoughts lay the foundation for the rest of our lives.  Knowing that, let us choose thoughts that will drive us toward the lives we want to live.


Think peace.  Think simplicity.  Think gentleness.  Think brotherhood.  Think sympathy.  Think honesty.  Think kindness.  Think justice.  Think understanding.  Think benevolence.  Think integrity.  Think harmony.  Think compassion.  Think love.



“Let your thoughts be positive for they will become your words.… Continue reading

The Rationality of Irrationality: Listening to an Upset 3-year-old

The Rationality of Irrationality: Listening to an Upset 3-year-old
My 3-year-old with his self-bandaged foot.

My son got a splinter in the arch of his foot.  It wasn’t very big, but it went deep under the surface of his skin.  After lots of hugs and kisses, I gave him an ice pack to hold on his foot while I went to gather our splinter-removal supplies (sharp tweezers, some Thieves oil, and an adhesive bandage). … Continue reading

A Circle of Caring

A Circle of Caring
A delicious meal brought to us by a caring friend.

Last week was a tough week for us.  I mourned the death of my mother-in-law.  A friend’s dog nipped my 3-year-old, who then needed an emergency tetanus shot.  A wasp got under my son’s shirt and stung him 8 times before I managed to flush it out.  I missed my husband while he was out of town (big things always feel more difficult when we’re apart). … Continue reading

A Long Goodbye: Death, Mourning, and Alzheimer’s

A Long Goodbye: Death, Mourning, and Alzheimer'sMy Mother-in-Law died this past week after over a decade of struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease.  We all miss her.  A final goodbye is still difficult, even when we’ve seen it coming for a long time.


Watching her succumb to dementia over the years, I feel like we not only said this last goodbye, we’ve also said 100 little goodbyes along the way. … Continue reading

Through the Eyes of a Child: Waiting Can be an Adventure

Through the Eyes of a Child: Waiting Can be an AdventureThrough the eyes of a child, everything is magic and full of fun.  Even waiting in a parking lot.


As we waiting for a friend who was running late, my boys had a great time exploring a dirt and weed filled parking-lot island.  They took what could have been 20 minutes of simply waiting (or lots of complaining), and turned it into an outdoor adventure.… Continue reading

Thought for the Day: Lubbock

Thought for the Day: Lubbock


Sometimes the simple things in life are the most fulfilling.  Making and eating our favorite double chocolate cookies or peanut butter cookies.  Seeing the joy on someone’s face when we tell them, “Yes!”Snuggling quietly with one of our favorite people or simply spending time with someone we love.  Spending time outdoors.  Finding a way to relax quietly.… Continue reading