Going Completely Sugar Free

Going Completely Sugar Free
Eliminating even natural sugars from my diet has been a good learning experience.

One of the things I’ve been doing to support my body in its recovery from my head injury is to eliminate all sugars from my diet.  (You can read about other ways I’ve helped my concussion recovery HERE).


When I say cut all sugars, what probably comes to mind is setting aside cakes and cookies and other sorts of treats. … Continue reading

Wash Stress Down the Drain with Homemade Bath Salts

Wash Stress Down the Drain with Homemade Bath SaltsThis last month has held a fair share of stresses. It’s taken me over a month to recover from the severe concussion that occurred as a result of a fainting spell. Add to the stress of injury and recovery the fact that life does not stop so I can recover, and that as I’m feeling better there are seemingly mountains of things that need to be done, and the pressure grows.… Continue reading

Recovering from a Concussion: 7 Things that Helped Me

Recovering from a Concussion: 7 Things that Helped MeJust over three weeks ago, I passed out and hit my head very hard as I came down. The result was a severe concussion.


I’ve spent the better part of three weeks healing from this head injury, and while things are still not quite right, I’m definitely feeling much better than I was.


Here are 7 things that have helped tremendously as I’ve been recovering from a concussion:


  1. Lots of Rest.
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How I’m preparing for Cold and Flu Season

How I'm preparing for Cold and Flu SeasonFall is here, winter is approaching, and already I’m hearing lots of people sniffling and coughing. We’re all spending more time indoors, and heaters are coming on more frequently. The season of colds and flu seems to be settling in.


While I firmly believe that a healthy diet and plenty of sleep are the best ways to keep our bodies healthy, I also keep some other natural immune system supports and remedies around our house in order to help our bodies if we’re exposed to a virus or if we feel ourselves coming down with something.… Continue reading

Healthy Snack: Fresh Peaches

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.” ― Alice Walker

Healthy Snack, Fresh Peaches


In my title, I called Fresh Peaches a Healthy Snack, but perhaps I should call them a Healthy Treat, which is how we often eat fruit in our house. Local peaches are now in season here in the Rockies, and they are delicious.… Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Avocados

The Health Benefits of AvocadosI love avocados. They are easily one of my very favorite foods. When I can find good ones, I consume them almost daily. I reach for avocados because they taste wonderful. Their rich buttery texture and distinctive taste pare wonderfully with an assortment of other foods.

In our family we consume them in a wide variety of ways. We eat avocados plain or with a sprinkle of salt.… Continue reading

When Two Boys Come Down with a Virus: Ways to Support the Immune System

When Two Boys Come Down with a Virus: Ways to Boost ImmunityThis morning my 6-year-old woke up telling me his head hurt. Soon there following, he started telling me that his stomach hurt. A few minutes later he told me that he was going back to bed (I think this is the first time this has happened ever – usually he’s rather full of energy even when not feeling his best). Because my boys very rarely get sick and this was unusual behavior, I decided to consult with our naturopath.… Continue reading

Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine Care

Zero-Waste, Natural Feminine CareFeminine Hygiene is something that’s rarely discussed in public places. And if this conversation makes you uncomfortable, you can always click away and come back tomorrow. But I encourage you, especially if you are a pre-menopausal woman, to stay and read on.

Every month our bodies create an amazing nest, hoping that a fertilized egg will implant on our uterine walls and grow into a baby.… Continue reading

Get Moving: Play in the Rain

Get Moving: Play in the RainWe’ve had a very wet spring here in the Colorado Rockies. It’s rained and rained and snowed and rained. My boys love to be outside, no matter the weather. But when it’s hovering in the 40s and wet, it feels really cold to me, and even my two boys get chilled more quickly than usual.

That said, things go more smoothly in our house if everyone gets outside every day.… Continue reading

Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free Storage for Leftovers

Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Leftover StorageOne of the key ways to reduce food waste is to eat leftovers, and part of making those leftovers desirable to eat is storing them in a way that keeps them fresh. In many houses, storing leftovers is synonymous with plastic containers or large amounts of trash (for example, disposable plastic wrap or aluminum foil). This isn’t good for your health or for the environment.… Continue reading