Taking a Short Break

Taking a Short BreakIt’s always good to know when to take a break.  Over the last week or so, several factors have come together to let me know that this is the time.


Last week my computer died.  One morning it was working fine.  The next time I went to turn it on, it simply wouldn’t start.  It suffered from a major hardware failure, and was completely done.… Continue reading

A New Facebook Page

Everyday Mindful Living now has its own Facebook page, so now you can follow via email or Facebook.  You can find my new Facebook page HERE.


UPDATE: This site used to be called Everyday Mindful Living.  It is now called Everyday Intentional Living (you can read about the reason behind the name change HERE).  The new Facebook page is HERE.… Continue reading

Attention WordPress.com Followers, or Changing Subscription Services

You’ve probably noticed that there is a new subscription form on Everyday Mindful Living’s** right sidebar. (At least, I hope it’s there. I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with getting the form up and running.)

When I first set up Everyday Mindful Living,** I used the default subscription service available through WordPress. However, I recently decided to change to a different subscription service that allows me to set some parameters on email deliveries.… Continue reading