About Everyday Intentional Living

Living Intentionally means living with thought.  It means choosing consciously how you want to live your life instead of simply living it by default.


While life has many big moments, our lives consist mostly of small, everyday moments.  It’s the choices we make during these everyday moments that create the framework for and set the tone of our lives.


Approaching every area of life with mindfulness allows us to create the life we truly want to live.


On Everyday Intentional Living you’ll find information on all sorts of everyday concerns in order to help you on your journey to the life you desire.  You’ll find articles presenting Homemade Natural Remedies, easy-to-make real-food Recipes, tips to Simplify your Life, strategies for Reducing Toxins in your home, musings on Family Life, uplifting quotes to inspire your mind, and more.


Welcome!  I’m glad that you’re joining me in this journey of Living Intentionally.