A Little Nature Offering: A Pumpkin for a Squirrel

A Little Nature Offering, A Pumpkin for a Squirrel
Our squirrel visitor, enjoying his pumpkin treat

We been keeping our jack-o-lanterns (yes, we already have several) out on our deck. Yesterday, we discovered a squirrel had been nibbling on them.


My boys decided that in order to lure the squirrel away from their prized painted and carved pumpkins, they wanted to give the squirrel a pumpkin of his own.


So my 6-year-old cut up a pumpkin and carefully stacked it for the squirrel. He intentionally exposed the seeds and flesh, hoping that the prospect of an easy meal would keep the squirrel away from the decorated pumpkins.


It’s a small way to offer little treat to one of the animals with who we share our mountain habitat. While we’re careful about leaving edibles down in the main part of our yard (we definitely don’t want to attract animal predators), our deck is only reachable from the upper level of our house – unless you’re a squirrel or a bird.



Do you feed your local wildlife?

2 thoughts on “A Little Nature Offering: A Pumpkin for a Squirrel

  1. That is so sweet! I have a 6 year old granddaughter who would just love the idea.

    • It is fun. We’ve enjoyed watching him come by each day to eat the pumpkin.

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